top to bottom-a tale of travel

Westchester to Lower Manhattan by train–subway to be exact

I actually had someone commend me for schlepping through the train with my kid, and all the gear.  She can only imagine.
I have actually done it two times now and I ditched the carriage which is a feat on its own.  I am a walker so I will still need the carriage in the future.  It is just up to me to find a light weight cheap but quality carriage for my jaunts.

Fast forward 2 plus months after and we are at November 11.  I have been going to the city for the last 3 weeks without the comfort of Metro North and also without the carriage.  It does not become any easier.  I even walked from my intended destination to Central Park which is about 4 blocks over.  Can we say exhaustion.  I am on the hunt for an umbrella stroller which is light as air and can fold up in less than 30 seconds but which has a 5 point harness. (I have a climber.)

I also experienced having to stand on the train for half an hour with my package.  This is the only thing Metro North has over the subway-almost guaranteed seating.


I will update you when something else tops this.


Happy Travels



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