MaX Brenner

What to eat when a friend is in town?  We could do a fancy place with great table service. OR I can just go for broke and try a fun place that was on my bucket list–nothing fancy or refined about it but just to say I had been there. I decided to try a place that I was unsuccessful in getting in previously-Max Brenner. I had heard about the desserts and so I thought it was was worth trying.  It was early afternoon during the week so we had a better chance. Finally we got a table and this nice English gentleman served us. I first was going to get eggs- breakfast food but then thought -as I saw the guy across from us, “his plate is amazing”. I told the waiter that I wanted what that guy was having. 


We had an appetizer first–all the goey badness, then I had French toast topped with apples-I love having lunch and dessert together. We however also had dessert – when it came out it was ridonculousness. Omg chocolate overload and with open flames. It was dangerous and pleasantly sinful. (Only in America.)







So I conquered Max Brenner. I will probably never go again as it is impossible to just walk in and get a seat. I know that it keeps the allure alive, but I am just not a person who believes in waiting for what seems like hours to eat and not matter how good it is. I can always go next door and be quickly satisfied, maybe not amazed but satisfied.

Until then!!!

Cooking with Sparks Catering Services-April

What was I up to last week? Let’s See. Making Lasagna and then various dishes. April 14th
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Broccoli Rabe

Cubed Chicken

Stirfry SCS

Chili SCS

My favorite dish to make takes the longest. Lasagne can be made so easily, it is just time consuming. Vegetarian or meat based–either way, you can make the sauce great and season the vegetables to your liking.

My stir-fry veggies is pretty wild too. I can add anything, but it too takes a few minutes as you cannot cook all veggies together.

Until next time.