Rantings on Knives and Bowls

get your self one
I have one large professional one and one small wanna be (but great) one. The large one is part of my knife kit in school. The second on I receive as part of a parting gift. I once volunteered for the Chelsea Market Sunday Supper (I have a blog of this as well). The going cost of dinner is over $250 dollars, yes I said it. It does have some of the best known chefs in New York making your food and it is super cozy and quaint. Country Upper Crust gathering.

So in the bag for guests was a bunch of stuff and one was a Messermeister Mini Santoku. I have not used my regular sized one in a while but this mini one is a life saver. It can cut almost anything small and if you need to take it on the road, it has a little blade protector (it it really to protect us from the blade.)Green Mini-Santoku copy

I saw the coolest bowls a while back. My client sent me some additional bowls for putting their food. At first I did not know what they were as they were flat and looked like a bunch of rings. Then I had an ah ha moment. Check them out.

Storage Containers
Storage Containers







Pretty Cool. If you have a small cupboard, they are ideal space savers. They are even good to take on the road-even hand bag or brief case or, get this- man purse ready. 🙂

Until next time–next up on kitchen tools–the ice crusher (great story behind that one)