Food in a new light

I recently met a food stylist and a food photographer. Cool professions and ones that your parents could not even fathom as ways to make money. Check out this site.

Right now we have wall decals in our apartment–a tree with lots of leaves blowing in the wind. Maybe we will have food pictures soon–especially if they look like some on the site.
Food pictures are not just for the kitchen any more!!

Restaurants–more than meets the eye

I thought this would be good to share. I heard similar things from a friend who used to work in restaurants and studied them as well.

Oh we had a moment to. It is not common in most restaurants, but in some places here and overseas, you pay for the bread on the table or the little pickle stuff. NO JOKE. In this kind of place I do not even touch that. I wondered how many tables it had been on before it reached me. So now to the -MOMENT. A while back we went to a Sushi bar and we are waiting to order and the hostess asked if we wanted edamame beans. So, thinking it came as part of the table set up we agreed. Drrh. Really for free. Yeah, it also showed up on the bill. It would be like chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant. Can you imagine if you had to pay, there would be no bottomless chips.

If you ever had one of these AH HA moments but thought it was just you–share your story.

Until then–be ware!!