Salumi Education

So l thought I would share. Sharing is caring, after all.
Many people think they know and don’t. I am not even a pro at this. Then you have people who fake it. They make me cackle. They pronounce words in their own created “dialect” and only seem to know that 2 meats exist. I can only utter this as I work in the food business and I hear everything. I say ask the person who’s dish it is to pronounce it, then repeat and repeat. I guess it is easier said than done. I go to the doctor ever so often and the workers butcher my kids name over and over. Oh well, I “shake it off”, every time. 😁



The information is courtesy of my company. TM

When you have sampled any of these, write a comment so we can all share in your excitement or pain!!!.

Happy Eating!!!!!