Food and Big Companies

So this interested me and also even though I like products from these companies I was a little upset that they are hooking the world on our (US) junk food. It was great with the growth of multinationals and globalization but there has been a marked trend and change in diets, weight and labor/jobs/livelihood.

So lets start at the very beginning (Julie Andrews-sound of music reference). I was reading the NY Times and the piece was about companies hooking Brazil (more countries as well). So in the past according to the article, these companies helped in a positive way combating the lack of food. Certain foods were developed to provide fast calories. Others claimed to be packed with nutrition. Some things were unsustainable as in the Nestle scandal a while back. (hooked on baby formula and could not afford it in the long run).

Now that we are beyond feeding for lack of food we are feeding now just for the profit of it-new customers and customers excited to experience what food rich countries experience.  In that these customers are getting all the cheap non nutritious foods.  I call it bodega food, all the while they are embedding it into the fabric of these places: franchising so the people have own small businesses.  I had a long hard think about this and thought that with the crazy obesity problems etc, these large multinationals should offer healthy snacks.  Responsibility…..

So feel free to chime in.

Here is the article.

Brazil Junk

Its just one of those things that make you think.

Until then! May the food be with you!!

Triple T 2 (Toddler Trials and Tribulations)

so to this weeks toddler trials and tribulations
So what do you say to innocence, except laugh hard on the inside. So I was watchin a program discussing the Rohingya from Myanmar and Bangladesh. The clip was of women and kids just hanging out. My daughter says–Halloween, we get the candy right? What can you say to that?

Next busy exercise was when I asked my toddler to finish the last 2 spoons of sweet potato and meat. So she was taking a while and I turned off the TV so she knew I meant business. Well she splashed the wall with sweet potato, not sure how and then she had it gathered in her mouth. She kept threatening to spit it out. Also she had her two hands in her mouth. (such fun)

Another busy exercise that made me just beyond surprised. So my toddler, bypassed the stool for the toilet and climbed into the tub. She pooped in her kiddie potty and then added some toys for good measure. She was in the nude and when I opened the curtain she was attempting to soap herself with a soap piece and no water. At least she was already in the tub, right.


On to the happy news–happy exercises

We took a trip to the Museum of Natural History recently.  A friend of ours was kind enough to secure tickets that included one free show or special exhibition.  We were lucky and they gave us two (maybe one was just normal) but it was the butterfly exhibit and the dark universe.  Both required a certain amount of restraint and offered big action.  Wowing the young brain is great.  The rest of the visit was like an obstacle course.  Everyone was tall and there were smatterings of crowds.  My daughter was part of the sea.

This last entry is like the crowning moment.  So I was so tired this morning and after doing my exercises (academic)  with toddler, I was wiped out.  I had my toddler sit next to me and attempt to read me a book.  I made her take about 9 of them so I would be guaranteed at least 5 minutes of silence.  Next, I awoke to a splash of water on my face.  What the hec!! So I look over and my toddler is sitting about 6 inches away and clapping her hand on the floor right in the what appears to be water.  But I quickly wised up and was like–OMG pee.  She is sitting in her pee on top of a book and splashing the water around.  Then she reaches out to wipe her hands on my pants. The nerve of this child.  Well you know the rest, a date with the cleaning police, an appointment with the bathroom and now I am completely awake, where has the tiredness gone.

Until next time,

Blissful Toddler Minder!!  Is it time for the brownies yet!