Party Essentials –what you need

a theme
good food (think outside the box)
good drink (I previously posted a list of a well stocked bar)
a good space
one really cool dish and a supporting cast
something to celebrate(return to spring, welcoming of winter, etc)
good weather (not too hot, not too cold)
if you have a large yard -an upscale port a potty
good mix of staff–not models but average people who look put together
staff that can understand you–either you or someone you delegate
good give-aways if you must

a time when there are no major holidays, or happenings (your event will be the talk of the town)

In the end you can do all of this but you must also be a gracious host and make sure that you are all put together.




top to bottom-a tale of travel

Westchester to Lower Manhattan by train–subway to be exact

I actually had someone commend me for schlepping through the train with my kid, and all the gear.  She can only imagine.
I have actually done it two times now and I ditched the carriage which is a feat on its own.  I am a walker so I will still need the carriage in the future.  It is just up to me to find a light weight cheap but quality carriage for my jaunts.

Fast forward 2 plus months after and we are at November 11.  I have been going to the city for the last 3 weeks without the comfort of Metro North and also without the carriage.  It does not become any easier.  I even walked from my intended destination to Central Park which is about 4 blocks over.  Can we say exhaustion.  I am on the hunt for an umbrella stroller which is light as air and can fold up in less than 30 seconds but which has a 5 point harness. (I have a climber.)

I also experienced having to stand on the train for half an hour with my package.  This is the only thing Metro North has over the subway-almost guaranteed seating.


I will update you when something else tops this.


Happy Travels



Dickey’s BBQ–Yonkers-not a love match!!

So we decided to visit a place as someone mentioned it have some good stuff.  Well I have to say, we were not impressed with the food.  However the customer service was great.  I am not sure if they are always like this or if they took a liking to my daughter or if they were not so busy.  We also noticed that they were endorsed in September by what looks like an important person in the chain. (it is a franchise)


 They even offered us fries while we waited and then we got free ice cream on the way out.  Is that because they dump all the ice cream at the end of the night , or is it that they just could not hang on to it any longer or was it that they were being awesome?


So the jury is out but because we already have a few places that serve great bbq. We will most likely not visit again.  Oh and to top it off -kids eat free on Sundays.  That’s nice.  I think.



Toilets and changing rooms

Not the most savory of topics but one that really gets me going.  Here is why: sometimes I just want to yell out WTF.
Point 1

Visited a religious site and the sinks had really short faucets, such that the space to wash your hands was so small that a slight shudder would cause you to put your hands in the drain-thus negating the washing of the hands effect.

Point 2

Why do doors swing in?  I get it, people might swing the door open and give someone a frontal clothesline, but when there is enough space to fit a truck in the bathroom, why skimp on space for the door. Also I am convinced that only skinny people can use these bathrooms.  Getting in and out involves a tightrope act.
Point 3

Where is the soap?

Changing tables/rooms

I experienced  my second chaining room at Newark Airport.  It was just enough to fit the carriage and do what I needed to do.  There were the normal changing tables attached but mounted on top of the counter versus the ones that open from the wall.  The room was tidy, but right in the flipping terminal-like right by the seats.  Okay so that does not bother me.

( my first was Nordstrom)

My fourth and rather impressive was the changing room in Ikea in Portugal.  What a difference a week makes.  Picture this if you can-

Mood lighting

Two chairs

Cool sink

Roll of paper like the doctors office to cover the changing table

A wide wooden changing table than folded out such that your child’s body is perpendicular to yours-a T.

Diaper pale like you have at home

Separate area with door
Three stars for Ikea.  When are we going to wake up!

I even visited a winery and they directed me to the changing room/handicap access room.
Yeah, changing rooms. đź‘Ť