Flamenco and Fado

Fado Origins

listen to Fado


small history of Flamenco

Flamenco Singing

Flamenco beat machine

Flamenco beat machine live

another one

So why do I bring together these two forms of singing, well  I have seen both and and the singing is similar.  It it like solemn complaining to the audience.

Here is research I found on similarities.  There apparently is little as they both arrived to the areas from different sources.  In terms of being popular away from the high society-there they are the same.

similarities of fado and flamenco

I like to listen to stories and if you ever wanted something to enjoy as a past time, then both Fado and Flamenco are available.  For me Flamenco is my favorite but I could learn to really appreciate Fado.  I have only seen it once live but I think it is time to revisit that experience.


Guitar on!!

Sleep-the struggle is real!

Good sleep

-own bed

-pillows that surround/engulf/comfort

-dark room

-toddlers in their own beds

-sleep past 8am, straight

-no chores to worry about, no rush to get up

-no kids activities to get up for like swimming at 9am in a cold pool

Bad Sleep

-when the sun hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s not amore

-toddler wakes before you and says peek a boo I see you

-neighbors awake by 7am with kids in tow

-lawn cutting crew outside your window for 2 hours

-alarm accidentally goes off because you set it, habit
Sleep-the struggle is real.  I won’t even start on trying to sleep on a plane with the lights on.

Here is something to think about -I look forward to travelling (not same as a vacation because you can have a staycation-when you are home you can and will still do chores).  While travelling, if you stay in a good hotel-you can spread out across a king size bead, with a million pillows and down comforters.  The bathroom gets cleaned for you, the bed gets made and if you are lucky they refill the snacks in the fridge and leave chocolates for you.  

Okay.  Enough said!! Time to sleep.

Language Learning

So I was reading National Geographic and they did an article on a company or rather a concept called Chineasy.  Well you guessed it, Chinese made easy.  I was super curious as my bout with trying to relearn Chinese has largely been a failed effort.  The only thing that would save me now is 3 hours per day of instruction.  I mean it is not that serious but I would definitely need daily instruction and practice in both speaking and writing.

So back to the concept.  It makes associations and also goes to the roots of words thus you can easily see how a word is made and thus can get the meaning.  I thought it was rather cool. Check it out.

Chineasy.com or chineasy.org

It would be great to be able to return to studying. I am fascinated by Chinese society and language.

Learning is forever! Language is a connector! 

Enthaice Restaurant

So can you guess what kind of food!

Funny thing happened the other day.  I was walking and someone mentioned the name Enthaice.  I was eavesdropping at that point and was like “I ate there.”  At least it sounded like the place I ate at but there was no way to tell for sure.  So that was just a conicidence as I ate at Enthaice two weeks ago.  Let me set the scene.

It was a Friday evening and my husband came home early from work and we were up North.  We left home before the height of the evening rush and then got caught in a pre-evening rush.  So we avoided traffic as best we could but had to travel through all the major thoroughfares that would have traffic. Hmmm what to do, what to do!!  So after about 45 minutes in the car (more or less) we ended up in Astoria Queens.  Who in their right mind would go to Astoria Queens on a Friday evening at the height of rush hour–oh,  us. It was like Manila or Calcutta.  Oh I have been to Manila and sat in rush hour traffic–ridonculous is all I can say.  You can take a conference calls or you can proof essays or learn a language all in the time you sit in traffic if you do it day in and day out.  So back to the story.

We had to deal with a 5 point intersection and can you believe that at the time we were at a light, an ambulance decided to try and pass.  It was like Beijing,  no one moved and there was no space to move.

Parking was going to be a nightmare.  Here goes part two-the street we were on had an ambulance stopped and it blocked the way.  About 5-7 cars were in front of us and our view was obstructed. People started backing up down the street and behind us was the nasty intersection.  WTF. As luck had it,  someone backed out of a parking spot and we pulled in.

Stay tuned for the restaurant review!

Part two of Enthaice!

-restaurant has large garage doors of glass but still manage to be warm innside

noodles were the bomb, you I said it

chicken was average

pinapple rice wiht beef was pretty delivioud as well, a little greasy but hey, if that is the price I have to pay for some decent tasting food,–add a little grease to your life (kiding)

reminded me of a factory–lots of iron work,  tea cups and the like handing form teh light fixtures

metal and cast iron thing

the color was a dark copper

very dim lighting

can see right inside from outside

some shairs for waiting ourside