Formal Party–Well Stocked Bar



Blended whiskey
Liqueurs (coffee, orange, and herbal)
Sherry (dry and sweet)
Sour mash whiskey
Vermouth (dry and sweet)
Wine (red, white, and sparkling)

Club soda
Fruit juice
Soft drinks
Sparkling and still waters (flavored and plain)
Tomato or seasoned vegetable juice
Tonic water
Garnishes and Flavorings

Bitters, for old-fashioneds
Citrus (lemon, lime, and orange) whole, slices, wedges, or peels
Coarse salt, for margaritas
Cocktail onions, for Gibsons
Cream of coconut, for piña coladas
Hot-pepper sauce, for Bloody Marys
Ice (preferably coarsely crushed)
Maraschino cherries, for Manhattans and old-fashioneds
Olives, for martinis
Simple syrup, for sweet cocktails and punches
Worcestershire, for Bloody Marys<

Bottle opener
Citrus squeezer
Cocktail napkins
Cocktail shaker or pitcher
Cutting board
Dish towel
Drink stirrers
Ice bucket
Paring knife, for fruit peels

Formal Party–Napkin Folding

So many of you probably have not thought of or had the chance to have a formal dinner party. Formal Party–This is a sit down with a table set up and a few courses. Well–start thinking.

Do one just because. Do it for your birthday, or after you get a raise, or after you get engaged or after you set the date or like I said–just because. Maybe you are down in the dumps for whatever reason. This is a way to bring yourself up–you have a purpose and you have a finished product you can be proud of. A little project!! Then you can have the company of friends to laugh it out.

So back to the story at hand, Napkin Folding. Back in my cruise days I saw this regularly. On cruises they tend to have the tables set and sometimes with fancy configurations. You too can be fancy. Also you can finally use the fancy napkins that ________ (fill in the blank) gave you for Christmas or your birthday or that you acquired during a garage sale for $5. 🙂

click on the link:

click on the link:

My favorite is the T-Shirt Fold. Just think, you are having a dinner to announce your baby boy–fold the napkins in a t-shirt pattern. How cool are you!!!

Enjoy and let us know if you use any of the napkin folds at your next gathering.

a little wine lesson

Here is a scenario: You know that weird odd feeling when you are at a restaurant and the waiter/ress asks if you would like a glass of wine or the wine menu is dropped with the regular menu. You either listen to the person, having no clue what the taste is and/or, you ignore the wine menu. Worse case, you just choose a wine you heard of and not necessarily that you like or have tasted. So this is most people. If you fall on one side of it, no fear. No one has to know. I added a link ( that will provide a quick guide as to how to look somewhat educated or at least know for yourself the “rules” of wine.

If you are a traveler to Europe, you know that there are many kinds of wines and they are paired with certain foods. It seems like common knowledge (though not to you), so this is a place where you truly feel out of sorts.

With all that said, then you know that sometimes you want to throw the rules out and have a red with whatever or whenever or a Riesling with your Peruvian food and then the following night with your chicken Korma. However, if you want to learn something and one up your mates, check out the following link. IF YOU HAVE A FUNNY WINE STORY, PLEASE SHARE AND LET US KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE.