What I day dream about is warm lighting, a fireplace if possible, light tempting smells, a good crowd and a nice home style meal–heavy sauces, substantial meat and vegetables,  plus ravioli (favorite), chased by a bottle of Riesling and then a heavenly dessert, accompanies by an Ice wine (your choice).   Then I would sip a glass of Lambrusco while I socialize (digest) around the fire. The ITIS will loom.


according to Eater NY–here are some places to eat (or be seen and spend serious cash) according to ME -know that just by them being on the list means you probably would have needed to reserve yesterday-before the list came out.

Leave a comment on your plans–any special restaurants, any special meals (traditional, first time trying), any special ceremonies, etc.  I will post features of our holiday culinary adventures in the New Year.

Happy Holidays

Also we give a shout out to the families effected by the recent unthinkable.  Be well and our thoughts are with you!!!