Enthaice Thai Kitchen-The Review

Part two of Enthaice!

The Restaurant Review
-restaurant had large garage doors of glass but still managed to be fairly warm inside

-smallish place so small isles and tables somewhat close together

-the place reminded me of a factory–lots of iron work, with tea cups and the like hanging from the light fixtures

-very dim lighting

-can see right inside from outside

-some chairs for waiting outside

-noodles  with beef were the bomb, yo I said it (Pad Woosen)

-bbq chicken was average

-pineapple fried rice was pretty delicious, a little greasy but hey, if that was the price I had to pay for some decent tasting food,–add a little grease to my life.

I would give it a 6.5 for food.

Decor received a  6.5.  Dim is great but actually directed lighting on the table might have been cool. (Flexible hanging lights)

Service gets a 7.5.  It was fast and they came back when thy said they would.
I would like to revisit.

Okay so a word of advice, go during the day if you can, take the train and bring an appetite, there are lots of fun things on the menu.



Yum and more yum!  Yummy  goodness!

If I knew it was this easy, I would have done it ages ago.


So what did I think on the recipe/process,  it was close to what I tasted before but I need to try another recipe and see the taste.  It is really as sweet as you make it. The syrup that is added to the top is the sweetness.  Could this be a fast dessert- well if you are making a whole 9×13 tray or two then I would say yes.  You would just need to buy two packs of dough, double the syrup and chop up more nuts which is easy with a blender or food processor (hec you can use your magic bullet).  Then it is the waiting-4 hours while it does its thing and the syrup becomes a sticky mess.  So it is a good make ahead party or giveaway dessert.



Fall camp out minus camping 

A few weeks ago I had a small get together close to the waterfront in a park on a not so cold night. Actually a small get together in the end.  It was a good evening for cancellations.  I am not phased (except that I had to take home lots of food-no cooking for me) but if you are cancelling, give reasonable time unless you are in the hospital, have been called into work, got into an accident or your car broke down. It’s just a small amount of courtesy. It allows us to scale our preparation and eventual anticipation. No worries though.  At least it was not a 250$ a plate wedding.  That is just cause for unfriending.  🙂

We tried this for the first time and it went 80% as planned.  A few friends made it and one bought her son whom my daughter is getting used to, a new BFF of sorts.

So the fun part was cooking the food and then getting reactions after.  I must admit that some were firsts but they came out okay.  Here was the menu and lay out.

3 tables

1-set of supplies

2-snacks, drinks, s’mores supplies

3-eating (though we ate largely where we stood)


Beef stew (French style)-almost burned the stew at home but got to it just in time

Pumpkin Stew (had some  less than flavorful pumpkin but I fixed it with a mix of very yellow and pungent pumpkin)

Corn Chowder-I never realized how much corn  I would eventually put in this dish–half a bag of frozen corn and 2 tins of creamed corn.

Mac and cheese (a little less cheesy than I would have liked it).  I had grated about a cup more but decided not to add it.  Well I guess that was not a great decision. I even put bacon, but it is all in the cheese.  A little more bacon would have been cool as well.

Apple Crisp-it was somewhat healthy as I used Kashi for my granola. After I added the butter and sugar well all bets were off.

I also made Apple Cider and that was a hit.  It was really thick and I had watered it down previously.  It was nice warmed up on the grill and smelled wonderful.  I added orange peal and clove.  Oh it was special.

A friend bought fried chicken and another bought some other soups.

What I wanted was the s’mores but I was quickly disappointed.  The store brand graham crackers was not like the brand “Honey Maid,” by Nabisco. I remembered the days of scouting and that being the thing (s’mores) to look forward to.  It was the only piece of heaven when sleeping in a tent in cold temperatures and having to go to the potty about 5 minutes walk away in near darkness–yeah the buddy system was invented for that.  (I kid, not a direct connection that I know of.)

Idea for next year–only two hot dishes, s’mores (better ingredients) and apple cider.

Apple Cider is great.  I drank that for two weeks after.




Frozen part 2

So can one survive on frozen meals and get all that he needs and wants?

Who has the best frozen prepared meals?
We can look at price, ingredients, type:organic, vegetarian, and lastly the amount of ingredients.  Simple is sometimes great

Next is who sells what?

High end meals from the likes of Whole Foods, Agatha  & Valentina,  Food Emporium, Gristedes, Balduccis, D’Agostinos, etc–if then even have frozen meals. I have not checked. (To do list)We know that they have prepared meals made onsite.

Regular supermarkets like Giant, Stop & Shop, Shop Rite, etc.

Quasi supermarkets like Target and Walmart.
It would be interesting to do a week long taste test and see how times have or have not changed.

So if you have something to offer about frozen meals, chime in. According to Wikipedia here is a list of the major brands.

Frozen Brands

Also here is a list of the so called “healthy few.”

Healthy Meals

Until then, give your microwave a high five for all the work it is not doing.