Bare Burger

So one evening we decided to go out to Manhattan. It was somewhat mild outside so we ventured at my behest. I asked for NYU area as there are many kitsch shops, small eateries, a mixed crowd, more flexible places and it is more laid back.

We happened on Bare Burger. It had a patio that sat about 50 -60 people and then an inside portion that sat about 60 as well. We had the baby carriage with us and figured we would have to sit outside as we could not see the inside and thought it might be tight. Well, to our surprise the host said we could sit inside. She found a place for us towards the back. It was close to the bar (more like a high seated lounge). About 2 minutes into our sitting, the manager moved us to a location where the baby carriage was out of the way and we were close to the front now. That was nice of them.

We proceeded to order from this menu. There were set sandwiches and then build your own. Who doesn’t like build your own!!

Here is a copy of the bare burgermenu

I had the Maui Wowie. You know that feeling you get when you know you will not be able to finish your meal, well I had the opposite. I was sure that I would battle and win against this meal. I smashed it and proceeded to attack the best/worst part of the meal-battered onion rings and sweet potato fries. I enjoyed my meal. There was a lot on the burger so if you are unable to discern various tastes then you will miss the different tastes and the meat. My husband had the bison and until I told him what the difference in texture was he was convinced that there was no big deal. His meat was crumbly and had a slight flour aftertaste texture, but the meat was fine. He finished it though, so what does that say!!!

I had the wild boar. I previously had it in tacos. Yum. It was a little like ground meat but with only a slight beefy taste.

I give them 7.5 out of 10.
8 for décor-the fixtures were made of silverware, bare wood tables, huge garage door as wall
8 for food taste
8 for presentation
6 for service-our waiter was good but the restaurant had handheld order machines-instantly sent info to kitchen and so I changed my drink order and about 5 minutes into my drink enjoyment someone else showed up with my previous drink, second-the server next to us delivered wrong meals to couple next to us and seemed to always be in a rush.

Try it out.  It is but another player on the burger circuit.