Week 9 Internship SLOOOWWW

Can you say drag.

What a drag! Even the chef commented that the restaurant should not have been open.(Saturday after Thanksgiving) To open the restaurant, the ball park figure for a day is about 2000. We only had 11 covers while I was there. It picked up by about 4:45 and then the total was about 15. So you see, it may have not been worth it to open.

A strange thing has been occurring as well. I have been seeing new staff. I would say that I have seen at least 6/7 new people. It just crept up on me. I do not spend that much more time there and I am not sure where these people are coming from and why they are necessary. At one point one of the managers asked why there were more staff members on the floor than customers.

For a place that is not packed to the rims and busy as hec, there are a lot of people. Not to mention, the person who takes (does not take) a daily inventory does a funky job of it. When I got there on Friday there were no sauces made and then on Saturday they made one or two. It was weird.

So I have two more weeks hopefully. I am both sad and glad to go. Sad because you become accustomed to being somewhere and you know what you need to do you work-even if you do not always have the materials/support. Glad because change is good. New chef, more professional atmosphere, more accountability, busier, staff that knows the boundaries, and overall need to just be in a place where I can be more often, learn, enjoy being there and be able to network.

Ciao for now. I am not sad. I have been playing in my kitchen trying out dishes and making them my own.
Slowly but surely I will get there.

Recipe–pecan cookies-easy

This is from memory at the Cooking with Kids event this past weekend. We used the following Martha Stewart recipe.

Pecan cookies-about 24
3/4 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup butter-rom temp
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup of all-purpose flour
1/3 cup sugar plus a tbls spoon for topping cookie

cream butter and sugar, add the vanilla extract, add salt, then add flour, after a few minutes and it looks dough like, fold in the chopped pecans

put on cookie sheet with parchment paper
cook maybe 1/2 hour or until lightly golden

Week 8 Internship-Faster/tired/amateur

So this weekend was all kinds of things wrapped up into one.

First lets mull over the food situation–I was not offered lunch.
Second, they were really excited to put a Porterhouse on the menu-first time I think. It was like witnessing a new restaurant who is in trial and”error-ing” mode. They were so excited about this. It was like amateurs. They used a group salad plate and the chef was so excited to tell me. (boy he has no idea what impresses me)

This weekend was rough. I worked Thurs and Fri from 5 till 11 and then Saturday from 9 to 8. My feet were dying and I was just exhausted. I got home and my body was in shock. I tried to do email and I tried to watch tv–no luck. I crashed and woke up the next morning only to be in the kitchen again.

I would give myself 78% this week. I messed up two salads and almost caused mayhem. One I did a little as the waitress as not used to the salad so when the chef prepared it she asked if this was the way it went out. Such a pivotal position that I have. I am the envy of no one.

For some reason while we were in down time Chef wanted to talk to me about random things: what I do at the hospital, is the pay good, his telephone (gmfb). He mentioned that other chefs are not so nice or something–I already had that experience so this was just small talk to me. Don’t worry, Chef, I just have a few more precious days and then I am done. ( I mentioned to him that they usually do not even know your name.)

I was hungry when I left. Earlier in the day, the seasoned waitresses asked me if I wanted to share some of their fries. That was nice of them, considering no one else offered me food or at least a turkey sandwich etc. I am all good with bread and cheese with a tomato.

I raise my glass to another week that was partially conquered. Next week the restaurant is closed on Thursday so a day off–a break. It just means that on Friday I have to be stellar and there will be nothing prepared, AND anything prepared on Wednesday may not be so good anymore so I have to fix that.

So I hope you have excellent food and I am relaxing for the next 4 days.

“Mangiare felice”


hot, flavored and hot temperature
we were coughing like dogs previously and the cold was beating us

after I had the spicy shrimp, keema naan (lamb naan) and the chicken soup Indian style it was like an infusion of relief
my chest was clear, my nose had run a bit, and my tongue was titillating–it was wild

i felt so satisfied–not full like when you hit a chain restaurant and you stuff yourself mad, that just hurts but never gives the satisfying feeling

the food was good and the atmosphere was calming
the only thing that could have been nicer were the bathrooms–the sink area needed a redo and the stall separators were school style-and kind of narrow–good luck big people

i had a pleasant experience
i wanted hot food
it was a different experience than we had at Bistro Rollin, a local “French Bistro” restaurant, that we ate at on Tuesday past, the food was okay but when it came out, it was not that hot

so when looking for a place to eat, i therefore had passed up the pizza and the applebees and the TGIFs, i wanted soup and warm food, so Indian was the key
we got soup, and hot/piping everything
who could ask for anything more
i would give it an 8.

happy eating

Week 7–where’s my food

chick asks about food (have to beg for food)
skinny chicks asking about food (where do they put it)
little man stuffing themselves with food (where does he put it)
big men stuffing themselves with food (stop putting it)
no food for the weary (so what happened to the rest of us)
i have others complaining they are hungry so that gives them the liberty to take what I am working on–with

chef yells about whip cream
make more whip cream
retarded tools to make whip cream

as usual the usual suspects steal what i make

whip cream made over–forgot the sugar
whip cream made with the wrong sugar
whip cream made with powdered sugar

brother and sister fighting (waitress and pizza man shouting back and forth down the stairs-all we could do was grin)

who has been hitting the bottle–leaving that one alone

how to make a sandwich (so i need the list to help me remember the ingredients-chef called me on that)

where the f are my knives–told not to bring, brought it, now left it–man i hope i see them again
(people value knives even those they know are not their own)

cakes galore- i must work at a bakery

milk in the avocado-hilarious, i saw chef do it to preserve the cut avocado whilst he travelled to a party–so i did it to preserve overnight—when i came back i got the looks and then the question–i admitted and well he said i put too much milk–maybe, he said it was soggy–LMFAO

tres leches n flan n possibly banana choc cake–new menu items, someone wolfed down 2 in the day, what a big “taste “that was

broke whisk while making whipped cream, whisk fixed-found out that this is whisk # 12 LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Ciao for now. Anyone for some whipped cream?

Week 6 Externship-All Hell Breaks Loose

Here is the run down.
Boy you could never have called it.

Thursday-a minor flood in the basement, 3 drains open up–smelled like ass. They had to clean it. I was a little worried but since nothing is stored on the floor it was okay.

Friday-unlike Thursday, was busy and in some way I was not prepared. As I come after work I have to do the prep right before I go to the station. When that happens I have little time to get all ready. I had to deal with ice cream that was almost melted, then I had to make a few salads and I had no good avocados. Well I spilled the ice cream on the floor and later when tidying up inside the fridge I knocked down the tuna–raw tuna that is. So there was 10 bucks in the garbage.

Saturday–met the owner of the two restaurants, he rolls his sleeves up and helps me with a task, then he goes on a rampage to audit everything that the other people manage: add ice to the fish/shellfish, replace some containers, ask about the open meat.

On Saturday evening I realized they were having a party. As the chef reiterated, leave by 6pm. He also realized that I would not be there in the night for the party. I can stay but man I am done by the time 5 6 7 comes. I can’t imagine staying till 1am from 9am in the morning.

I asked chef to let me go to the to other restaurant. In retrospect I think not. I was not even up to top billings yet and I want to move to a faster, more political, busier place. What am I thinking? I take it back. It would have served to get a different experience and also to cut my hours but I would be the pity case.

Let the adventures continue.

Week 5 Externship–what’s a matta wit u

so the highlights

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Yeah we had a waitress come in looking like that and she was all about that as well. The guys liked to ask, where is Diego? She went from dirty blond Caucasian to sun cooked Guatemalan.

I got to make a dressing that we use for the empanadas. It is made with Guava paste, coconut milk, and chipotle peppers. It is all blended and with the right combination we get a cool dip. Now I have to figure out where to use that dip at home.

Oh so there was a big and small deal made about some whipped cream. I was making the whipped cream and looking for the whisk. I started to make it, though a little unsure of if there was anything else I have to add to the HEAVY CREAM so that I could get WHIPPED CREAM. (BIG dahhhhhh MOMENT). Then I realized that the whisk I found was clearly way to big for this small job–it was as long as my arm and then had a 4 inch handle. So, I found a small whisk. It was almost laughable compared to what I was using before. The chef came to put his 5 cents in and stated that I should use the large one as it would take me forever with the smaller one. Well I had already started to get whip with the smaller one and figured I was almost there. The chef told me, “lets see how long it takes you Roberts”. Well there is nothing like a challenge. Even a bystander asked why I was not using an electric mixer!! So in five minutes I had it. Thanks to my ability to stir with my left hand. WHIPPED CREAM B——ES. (I used an 11 inch blender attachment and the alternative was a 24 inch French “whip”.)24" French Whip

It was a slow day on Saturday. It was almost hard as I had to keep myself busy. You cannot really stand around as you are in the open and sitting is not even an option.

A chef from the other establishment was observing. He was asking lots of questions: asking about the people while assisting the chef in the line. Chef was more than happy to entertain/enlighten him. The regular line guys would not arrive till later. I even asked him questions. It passed the time away and I found out a little about him and the place he runs. He mentioned the economy as a reason for his move up North.

Later in the night I thought one of the cooks was going to smother me. He took the balance of fruit that was cut for a party–a whole half a cantaloupe. He is a towering guy, but dang man. When I called him on it he was like “what you have to say”-across the kitchen mind you. (I am sure he was thinking -mind your business.) I realized I just have to do my work and not bother about anyone else. I was part kidding in a way but he was getting serious I think.

I also got scolded and I felt like an idiot. I was in my own world cutting tomatoes and forgot that I needed to concasse them. Well, I am in the habit at home of using all of the tomato but here, we only want the skin part. I had started to cut tomato like an amateur, keeping all the insides in, and the chef called me out. I quickly recovered. Oh and there was the sausage affair. I knew the right way, did it for a while and then switched back to random cutting. Chef took the knife and began to cut. He must have been like-what kind of school did you attend? It is more of forgetfulness rather than laziness. I need to eat more brain food in the mornings.


I must mention again that in any other place I would have to be much more on the ball. There would be no hand holding and I would not speak to anyone but the other peons and then the dishwashers. I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Until next week! Keep hope alive!