Lantern Festival

On our first go at the lantern festival it rained and the event was cancelled. We were already there so we just enjoyed the pool, hotel, eating out and visiting the outlet mall.


Lanterns revisited–2 weeks later in fact

still some rain but the show must go on

tons of people

parking for like 1000 people

a walk to remember–so it was not that cold previously but in this place–real jackets were

needed,  open field and about 10 degrees colder

let me set the scene-looks like what I imagine Woodstock or a large tailgate party would be:  tons of fire pits and people huddled around it, since like the sun was out,  we arrived and it was almost dark.

we had some equipment fails and then some impatient children (smores please)

we tried to launch 4 lanterns and were successful after a bunch of false starts

now about the open flames and runaway lanterns–yeah this is some dangerous stuff, kids need not apply but it is so made for kids

lantern 1

One of the other things we did was visit the dollar store.  That is always fun.

Until the next adventure. Stay safe! Don’t play with fire!