Back in the cooking realm again–for the time being

So I have been mothering and continue to do so.  What has changed is my need to do something else so that I can keep my hands and brain busy will still molding my toddler.  This allows for the most flexibility, least stress and most enjoyment whilst at home.  So I am posting my services and if anyone in the immediate area up to White Plains NY would like to use my services, please send me a message.  I will see what I can do!

checkout my updated flyer

MENU FLYER BASEMENT (includes sample dishes)

Sparks Catering Services Lunch

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Airbnb take two

Now as an avid traveler and a keen observer as well as a person that takes hospitality seriously, I have to now speak to this new breed of accommodation providers.  
1) your place must be clean

Pet peeve number one.

If I have to find two tooth picks and hair on the floor as well as hair on the faucet and toothpaste residue, and lastly a somewhat less than clear bathroom door, I can draw many conclusions.  

I can say that you cleaned in haste. I can say that you are not the primary caretaker. I can say that you are not cut out for this or lastly I can say, you just suck at cleaning. 

I can do without the fringe benefits but if I have to clean and I get an icky feeling, especially when I have my toddler cleaning your floor and she picks up blonde hair, while I found black hair in the bathroom, I start to wonder about other things.  Those being the cleanliness of the toilet, the linens, the utensils etc.  

That is just me.  

 Airbnb take one Ct.

So our first airbnb experience came after much haggling about where to go, how much to spend and what would we do when we got there. It came down to location, feel and nearness to activities for the whole family. It was to be a week long vacation and regular vacations were also explored, like Portugal (tabled for a few months), Mexico, a cruise and even RV ing up to Nova Scotia. 

We found a cape cod style place first but at a premium price. Premium is over 200 dollars for two nights. We don’t like blowing the budget on accommodations unless its necessary. I mean I am on the list for secret escapes, inspirato, home away, tablet, travel zoo and now groupon along with my husband who also has living social. How hard could it be to find a decent place?  There had to be budget conscious options in a nice setting.

A few other locations were close to farms, in the city and offering breakfast or no frills. So we waited till the absolute last minute and selected one in Litchfield Ct. Yup we ended up in Ct. It seemed cozy and homey, close to “nature” and not too far from a major city.

So we arrived in the dark and could have missed the place. It was a regular house so no big B & B sign set back deep into the land but with a river behind it. The door was unlocked , yeah , that kind of suburb. We met the owner and she toured us around. We also saw a deer on the way down the driveway, I forgot to mention.

The room was the width of the house(20 + feet) upstairs, and had no tv, a large bathroom, windows to the front and back, some books, a lounge chair and some food like coffee, apples and yogurt.  

It seemed like a good find. Also it was quiet, dark enough to see stars outside and the property was spacious. So our first experience was good enough that we might consider it again in the future as a customer and as a host.

See my second posting that breaks down our actual experience at the bnb.