Cooking in my insta pot-the test

So I previously wrote about my apprehensiveness to using my insta pot.  I decided to have a dinner party for some new but great friends.  I would be letting my new apparatus take center stage.  The backup plan was to just order pizza or some kind of takeout close by.

I decided on Beef Bourguignon.  The last time I made that, I did it in a pot, there were not mushrooms or green peas and it took about 3 hours.  I made quite a bit and was able to enjoy it for days after.  So the  challenge was finding a tested recipe for the insta pot since I did not have time to test recipes.  I had to add some cooking time but I brokered a nice thick sauce, soft vegetables and somewhat flavorful meat.  The meat I did not season well with salt in the beginning.  On the whole, it came out okay. (25 minutes cooking time after you saute the meat and onions.)

Beef Bourg….. recipe I used plus peas

The second dish was made today.  It was some pork adobo.  It took about 10 minutes after sauteing.  My husband managed this and he kept me at arms length.  I tried to make suggestions and he basically asked me to put on my breaks (stop and relax).  I let him do his thing.    We had some rice and bananas with it along with some salad.  I topped it off with some sangria.

I must say I like a good meal and making food for my family. I am a professional home cook and foodie all in one.  This weekend, I did the beef, pork adobo, brownies and cookies, as well as some great sangria.  So why I am not a personal chef.  hmmmmm.

Until then, I give a thumbs up for the insta pot.  The next meal is pulled pork.  It will be exciting–burger buns, plus coleslaw and maybe some potato chips and the meal will be on.  We will keep going till we find something we can really brag about, also if it makes cooking easier, I am about that.

Not to mention I had a fancy Greek breakfast.  So, I had a feast weekend.


Instapot, some thoughts

boy was i excited to get it

we  (husband and I) got it for our christmas gift

it arrived while we were away and we daydreamed of it while driving down the highway in Europe (of all things)

we got home and it sat in the box for about 4-5 days

it sat outside of the box for a few more days

now i am hesitating to use it

hmmm, i watched a few dozen videos about making spaghetti and meat sauce, and… i will still make my spaghetti and meat sauce stove top (the sight of spaghetti floating in sauce just was not a turn on)

i am however going to make spaghetti and meat sauce once just to say i did it

the only things i want to use it for are pulled pork, beef stew, duck and any kind of whole chicken roast–

as a trained cook/chef, it might take all the fun out of cooking–fast is not always satisfying

so, i leave you, in a half and half feeling –happy but not happy about my instapot

bye for now, no pressure


p…ss…  i will keep you posted on my trials..


Dumpling Crawl

So who does not like dumplings.  I am waiting till I can go for dim sum again.  The last time I went, I had someone to translate.  Well to my excitement New York magazine did a few pages on the 50 best dumplings in its December 12-25th 2016 issue.  I am excited to try  a variety.  It would be like a pub/bar crawl but only dumplings.  We would visit 4-5 places and just stay long enough to have one set of dumplings.  It could be fun.  Then you also have the soup dumplings which are an “customer hazard”.  If unfamiliar with soup dumplings, they are dumplings with a sack malleable but strong enough to hold hot soup.  Yes, so if you attack it in the wrong way you will most likely spill it all over your plate, clothes and mouth/chin.

So they had German, Italian, various Asian ones, and just a plethora of other ones.  See the colorful article.

Dumplings in NYC Dec 2016

Doesn’t food make you just jump for joy!  It is like a ballet dance it your mouth.

Till next time!!

Pickle Ball

No joke, that is what it is called.  How did I come to this word today?  I received a flyer from my town saying that this is a way to get rid of stress.  They are offering court times in the mornings.

I was curious so I went online and this is what I found.

What is pickleball?

So now I can add a fifth court sport to my repertoire.  (Tennis, Badmington, Racquetball, Table Tennis and now Pickle ball)


I thought I would share!

Happy Paddling!!