Bucket lists

How does one come up with a bucket list? I guess you can have something suggested to you by someone you consider dear or credible. You can read about it in a variety of genres or you can witness something and want to have that feeling again or a magnified feeling.
I like travel and to some degree history/politics and architecture. For me getting excited about a place can be from an ad, seeing a documentary, reading a weird fact or just knowing the place exists is enough.  

My most recent curiosity and excitement came when I saw a YouTube documentary about what Finnish people eat. This is a long winded story but in the end, I was excited about the holiday feast. The food looked familiar (not that I had the dish before but rather I could recognize the ingredients) . I guess the better way to say that is -the food felt safe. (Just also read an article in a forum where the question was why do people only order a few select dishes from menus. Some responses were: safe, won’t throw away my food and I spent money and at times lots of money). So yes the food felt safe and I would try it. There were all of these shapes and colors and textures. It made me want to spend Christmas in Finland.  

They are also a highly traditional people so it would be very interesting to witness.

Second reason I am curious is their love of nature and ability to sustain and have access to fresh food. They have tons of green houses and all I can say is I Want One!!
So here is one for the bucket list.  Visit Finland!

Mexico all inclusive style

Grand Bahia Principe-Mexico 

So not exactly in Cancun, but rather 1 hour plus from the airport.  What surprised me was the non impressive drive from the airport.   I guess I was looking for the people.  We passed a few towns but the people were hidden for the most part and it being Sunday meant less people out.  I think they may still value their Sundays.  
So the resort is nice and all I could think about was the logistics involved-food delivery inspection,  room fixture maintenance, quality management,  people management etc.  Only random things were wrong with my room like the leaking tub, the lights somewhat leaning off the wall and the toilet seat that was too small for the seat(that is a clear fu bar). All you can eat and drink all day was the modus operandi. I guess that is better!  No need to walk with cash and less people handling cash in terms of employees.  That would be an accounting and auditing nightmare. 
At breakfast they even do the sales pitches to sell timeshares and condos.  I am no good at sales-no one likes a quitter.  Lol, that’s me.  

Would I recommend?  I have nothing to compare it to. For a place to just escape and leave the touristy things and the culture behind , it wins hands down.  If my room was up to snuff then I could say yes definitively.  The beach was nice though and that it is a big deal for me.