A mix of Indian and Mexican-styling and ingredients

A blend of Indian and Mexican Food.
I was looking for something with a hint of curry but with more of a Mexican preparation.
Let me introduce the meal and you may understand.

hors d’oeuvres
crispy pork belly tacos (little circles with a dark by shiny meat)
crab and ginger samosas (little star like apps)
mini chorizo buffalo burgers (bread with meatball on top and my hand)
seven-spice mushrooms (on the tray like little mushroom cups)

Smoked tomato gazpacho (plate with the tomato and what looks like sorbet in the middle)
Steamed lentil cakes (bread item on plate with circle leaves)
Belize shrimp w Hoja Santa oil (3 shrimp dish)
Duck breast w pistachio mole and chayote squash (only real meat dish with the brown and green sauce)
Goat biryani(raisin saffron rice with goat) (nice presentation in the box)

Sweet apple stuffed neufchatel
(cheese sopapilla w avocado pine nut gelato

First we had appetizers accompanied by a Rose champagne. It was a little buzz to start the evening. We had two and our acquaintances were not afraid to offer us more. I even met up with a friend from culinary school. That was fun and interesting.

So we got the “Special” seats. Here is why–we are students. We sat in a den like area with full view of the kitchen. Most people would balk at the seats in no mans land but we were able to enjoy our meal largely uninterrupted< except for the wines Sommelier. Also the other people may be considered deeper pocketed.

We did however sit with a nice older couple who seem to enjoy the dinners so much that they drive from PA each time. That is dedication. I hope that when I am their ages I can still have a zest for life.

Try a James Beard Foundation Dinner–there is much variety in cuisines. You have to be vigilant in keeping up with the schedule and book early.

Tigin Restaurant in Stamford NY

Yay, I love the Irish.

Reminiscent of an Irish pub
It was cool and for a minute I forgot I was in Stamford, in the downtown.
I had Bangers and Mash. That is the one that looks like the starfish in my picture. On top is the pork sausage (soft and really juicy), on top of mashed potatoes, on top of green peas, with a red onion sauce. It took me back to my travels in England. I felt like the atmosphere was familiar.

My other half had Tigin Steak and Frites Salad

flat iron steak over fresh arugula, sweet corn, bell peppers tossed with red wine vinaigrette, topped with marinated tomatoes, fontina cheese over pomme frites

The pomme frites were on the side. It would have been cool on the plate as well. Check the picture out.

I enjoyed my meal and would visit again. I also had an apple cider. It was like a pale ale. I asked one of the girls what they had–she went on like mad scientists and I had to stop her and asked for anything with a MALT, she said not, but that they had cider.

I have to say the customer service was good and the place was what I would have expected. I will have to revisit to try some other things on the menu–small limited traditional fare, but I like the feeling in the restaurant. I am a little mad that the menu only had about 4-6 traditional meals. Maybe it does not fly with the people in the area, or are there only a few really Irish dishes. I guess I will have to research.

Check out a PUB and have a classic–Fish and Chips. Let me know about your pub-bing adventures. ( Irish, English, Welsh)
Here is some further information on Irish Cuisine.

Try something new.