All good things must come to an end. Graduation weekend.

this weekend we prepped for the banquet on Sunday
we were imagining what it would have been like if we had to prep only on Sunday
we stayed till about 3:30pm on Saturday–we spent about 6 hours prepping

on Sunday we were all done by 4:30 and so we had time to clean up and go up to the room
it was a long day and when we came up stairs all the people were already gathered
upstairs you cannot sneak and enter–you walk out the elevator and everyone sees you
unlike downstairs, there is a defined room and the elevator is out of sight

i met all the characters we had heard about from various classmates
it was quite a scene
a friend of my family came with one of his associates–he took pictures.

(sorry-no personal pics)

here are a few

Ciao for now

City Chow House at the Ramada New Rochelle

So we were home early on Tuesday the 21st and I wanted to eat out. We could have gone to a place around but a little out of the way. In stead we parked the car and then I pushed to go out and eat.

Our choices, Wings n Pizza, Inspirations Cafe (new), a place we call “the chicken place next to the train station” which may be Peruvian, or Mexican in a few places. I ruled out Italian or Indian as it a little bit heavy on the wallet. So we opted for the City Chow House at the Ramada Hotel. We found our way to the front of the restaurant and asked if we could be seated. It was around 6pm and at that point I was hungry. The place was not crowded nor any where near busy. There were a few guys at the bar and two women by the window finished but waiting around. We sat and a woman came up to us. She asked if we wanted drinks. I said no but my bf got a beer on tap. Then a little while later the menus arrive. About 5 minutes later the waitress arrived to take the orders. Then we waited.

It was about 6:45 when our food finally came out. For a place with only a few patrons it took a little long. The waitress walked by and let us know that the food would soon be finished. (I think it may have been in our heads and the time did not go by slowly–also usually in a restaurant we order a little starter so that kills some time.) We were ready to walk out at 6:46. It could have been later but I don’t remember. While we were waiting a waiter came by and wanted to give us water. I had to let him know that we already had water, which we did not touch till our food came. In preparation for leaving we wanted to leave all untouched.

As we were about to give the 10 second warning our food emerged on a rolling tray–it felt like a hospital. The food was okay and the portions were okay. The french fries were enough to feed 4-5. The 8 sliders in an upscale restaurant would have had more seasoning and maybe come with carmelized onions and a pickle to be in the 5-7 out of 10 range. Then one could charge 15 bucks instead of 8. I liked my Cuban pork chop with burnt broccoli (that was the name on menu) and mini potatoes (could have been split and roasted to a crispy texture with more seasoning).
None the less, the honey sauce was good and so the meat portion was okay. The fries came with three sauces, a super light mayo and red something sauce, a garlic butter sauce and then a dill sauce.

44 bucks for dinner
On a scale of 1 – 10, I give chow house a 4. So now we know, we will not just drop by. It is an emergency hotel eatery not a lets just relax and enjoy a meal kind of place. On this day some one was being interviewed.

P.S. They apparently have a decent New Years Eve menu and event so maybe someone else can go sample it then.

Happy Eats.

Freelance Catering Server-Sept 12

So now is the time right. I went through high school, college and beyond and now I decide to be a waitress. Most people do this stuff on the side to earn money. I am doing it on the side to gain experience and to continue to be humble. Someone once said that you are a servant (in this business) and basically of service to others, and not like a lawyer provides a service but the type of service where no one gives a crack you. “just serve me.” In terms of camaraderie, it is every man for himself; you can be beat out by those who have less formal training than you and are willing to sweat it out longer than you. The only good part is when you make friends, they are your friends for life, in a way. You always know someone who knows someone.

So my event was in Brooklyn by the water and was an ethnic event. I am not going to bash anyone but 8pm it really 845pm in some circles. I must admit I usually arrive late but this time I was early, like I was waiting for money. I make my interviews but for other things, I am usually hustling to be there.

Here are my comments:
the boss is always right
do not cross contaminate
always double-check the action someone needs you to perform (it never hurts to be sure)
try to anticipate conditions
like: no sink, no garbage cans, no clean up crew, no light, no fresh air, no cool air
be weary of late events
8 means 9 means 10, after 10 means anytime till the end
always smile like you are a country club hosts
never let anyone belittle the staff
is it weird when an event is catered by two people
always arrive early and if possible be early enough to scope out the area around the place

Making extra cash in my free time is always an option.

Time On My Hand

Last Weekend-Forced Meats take 2

Man what a crazy day. We did Country Style Terrine, Turkey Pate en Croute,
Seafood Mousseline, Pan-Smoked Rainbow Trout, Tea & Spice Smoked Salmon, Thai Shrimp Ceviche Javenese Pickled Vegetables and started Foie Gras.

Fish Platter-ceviche, salmon, trout
Seafood Mousseline
Javanese Vegetables

Pate–to me used to just be liver and meat mixed together. We made many pates and pate en terrines(shapping object) -which are pates in a terrine-earthenware kind of vessel. I used to be totally grossed out by that. It is good on bread cooked/seared. The Pate en Croute (en croute=inside dough), we switched and used a brioche dough. Those of you that like brioche would love this. We put the pate in the brioche and shaped like an empanada. Then we baked. They were ginormous as well.

Most were appetizing but the mousseline was something of an acquired thing. Imagine a thick white pudding/jello with seafood and now imagine it in a tiny bowl shape. I have a picture so you decide for yourself. If you did not know what it was you would think it was some kind of sugary snack.

Smoking–so much fun. We smoked some pork into bacon. Previously we let it sit and cure for two weeks. Then we smoked it. We sampled a piece–nothing like making your own bacon. We smoked trout as well. That is an easy meal. We let it sit in brine for about an hour and an half and then put it in a stove top smoker.(container with rack and cover.) In the bottom we put wood chips. I suggest you only do this if you have an outdoor kitchen or a grill–inside will set off every alarm in the building and make you smell like a chimney. 🙂 (for the record, that did not happen to me) The finished product was amazing. This is a great dinner party dish if you are having it outside or inside, just soon after you make it.

Javenese Pickled Vegatables-one dish that made me love veggies (well some)
cauliflower, yellow squash, green beans, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, red pepper–all blanched (quick 1 minute dunk in boiling water)
jalapenos, shallots, garlic, sugar, white wine, coconut milk
THE FINISHED PRODUCT IS AMAZING. If you want the how to-email me.

extra pics for your enjoyment, simple and fancy pants ones

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Happy Eating. Ciao for now!!