good food gone bad

4) La Vie: Minetta Tavern chefs Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson created a mini Parisian Bistro serving French country classics. Great for a drink, a coffee, or a full-fledged meal. [Terminal 5, post-security], Marketplace This little blip was found online on the JFK page.

Case number 1

Sad Portabello Sandwich
Sad Portabello Sandwich

photo 2
Portobello Sandwich at La Vie in JFK terminal 5.
So on our way to our vacation we figured we would catch some food before our flight, even though we would eat on our flight. However, that was to be 2 hours away and then we would have 1 hour on the plane of drinks and the special peanuts snack. (you know what I am talking about)

There is this weird set up at Terminal 5 but it seems that it was made to be more efficient–one place to check in and one place to cook. So I wanted one thing and my husband wanted something else. He had his dish from Piquillo-a steak sandwich. I had my Portabello sandwich from La Vie. (all cooked in the same kitchen–check next time you go, see where they all come from with food) I thought why not have something tasty, that would leave me feeling not too full but at least satisfied. So in the end my sandwich was weak. I had lots of bread and little filling, and on top of that-a plate of fries–carb-olicious. This was our last meal–we were hurt. At least the plane food was good. I love plane food. Even if it is not that good, especially on international flights, there is lots of it. Hoarders Anonymous!!!

Case number 2

Gustorganics--good try
Gustorganics–good try

photo 2

photo 3

Beet Ravioli at Gustorganics
This one has an interesting story behind it. In the end though, I ended up eating beets (crispy as hell), with carrot puree in between, then sprinkled with pistachios and sauced with the same, with some arugula for added good measure. Okay so I wanted to be healthy and the like, and to fit it, but after I started eating I realized that I could not waste it so I patiently chewed and washed it down with the butternut squash soup(not that awesome). All of this occurred while my dinner date ate what looked like a sumptuous dish of chicken and sweet potato chips.

Case number 3

Biscotti Bites--no biting allowed
Biscotti Bites–no biting allowed

photo 2
Cookies from Whole Foods.
I thought I was going to give a shout out to this company as I love cookies. I like biscotti and this product was supposed to be just as good:crispy and flavorful. Well sorry to disappoint, it was none of the above. So I bought it a few weeks back while doing a little day out in NYC. It was on a Sunday and I opened it a week later. So it was supposedly well sealed. When I opened it, the cookies were soft and the taste was kind of plain. I paid about 5 or 6 dollars and well–I could have bought the cookies they provide by the pound at Whole Foods. So I have to gave a low brow shout out to THE BITES COMPANY on their biscotti bites. Come better next time. It reminded me of an episode I watched of Apprentice UK. The group had to create a meal that would fit a certain age group. In the end the group failed on taste. With the promise to spice up the taste (literally) they won the business.

Oh well, maybe next time. You can’t win them all. 😦
All this makes you want to go out and have a make up meal (make up for the questionable meal you had–you have to cleanse the palette.) That is what I did a few days later. 🙂 🙂

Gourmet Dinners at home

If you want to throw a good party, just think of the best dinner you had out. What were the elements? What did you like? How was it set up? What did you talk about?

Here some snap shots of a small family dinner hosted by a guests from a world away.

Line up
Pineapple Boats
Tomato salad
Smoked Salmon
Salumi and Cheese
Fresh Bread
Awesome butternut squash soup-my favorite
Linguine with clams, mussels and shrimp-if only I was a serious mussel and clam eater
Steamed Crab
Baked Chicken
Slushies (old school method as well)

photo 2
photo 1 (1)

photo 1

meats fam dinner

chicken fam din

photo 1

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

NYWCA Meeting-I Catered

I am finally getting back into the swing of things.

I am a trooper. I try to be part of this group no matter what. I come from far away and have a hard time getting away but I put in a showing. I wish they still gave out gold stars for effort.

So I left work at 2pm, to catch the 2:16 train. Upon getting home I made my wraps which I has already set up the night before. My fiance at the time took time off of work to drive me to Manhattan to the location. It is always a fun time when you are sort of late. This time I was on time but I still felt the pressure.

(I however neglected to take the curry chicken salad–my piece de resistance. (?) I made a bunch of wraps and used all my materials which previously I calculated to be more than enough and because I forgot the curry chicken, it kept feeling like I did not have enough food. Well in the end I made way more than was needed. It is a true learning curve. I tried to prepare for 35-55 people and it was more like 30 people that attended, and they were particular. I was actually surprised as when I go to the meetings I usually get a full meal as it is usually late and when I get home it is to bed I go. I was a little taken aback.)

The group though did like my spread. I did wraps, two pasta salads, a fruit platter and some nut clusters. I had to bring the left overs back home which was a little annoying. I only about 1.5 months ago finished off some of the frozen pasta. That was a lesson but a ballsy one though. I had made extra plain pasta as well so I had to absorb that as well.

Here are the pictures from that day.










All I was responsible for was taking the notes of the meeting. So what could go wrong.
1) showed up a little later than I would have liked
2) was way in the back so had to strain to hear
3) did not interact with many people–actually I did but not the people whom I thought I would
4) even had to confirm the winners–how sad

I did however get photos of the food-which is all that matters. I like to see what people come up with and how they display things. It may be the best, dish but if it is to messy, I can’t tell what it is, or it seems to be a plain dish, then it changes my perception of how it might taste and then may deter me from even trying it. Sometimes I like things that have familiar ingredients. If I am hungry, which I usually am at these things, I want to eat fast and what I know.

Here are the photos. Enjoy the feast for the eyes.
a treat for the senses

Angel Food cake, balsamic strawberries


Blackeyed Peas n Collard Greens

Buckwheat Noodles--Presentation Winner

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Popums

Cool Vegetable Salad

Deviled eggs w seafood

First time desserts

Gluten Free Pretzels

Greek Mac and Cheese--Theme Winner

Green is Good

Greens and Grains

Med. Triangles aka Greek Nachos

Meyer Lemon Curd Tart

Pickles--Winner for Taste

Picnic anyone

Provencal Spring Fritata

Sushi and Sandwich

Tomato Tart w Goat Cheese