Cookie Rant Revisited

Okay so I have to give credit where credit is due.  In the last few weeks I tried revisited some of my past jaunts.

Insomnia cookies–has the peanut butter chocolate chunk–okay, heavy on the peanut butter, but creamy,

It was so rich that me a non-coffee drinker was slopping down coffee with each bite.

I revisited my closest subway store (we have three in my town) and the cookies were of better pedigree.  It seems that they have improved.

But that is i!!.  I am not recanting the others. It will be on a case by case basis.

In the past I posted a perfect chocolate chip cookie (I believe I did??),  I stick with the scientific way.  You get the right combination and you are satisfied on all levels.

Until the next rant!!!!

Push on, find something you like and exploit it.

Rockwells in pelham ny (review)

So in retrospect, after I spoke to someone who spent much time in Pelham, NY, he voiced that he did not like Rockwell’s, as it was very TGIF. I have to agree with him there. It was our last resort restaurant and it just happened to be a big football day. Some people were wearing jerseys. It was quiet and then it was a little loud but we did not have to shout over each other.

The menu was All-American. These days, that includes quesadillas, burgers, some pasta etc. There was no specialty. There was an awful lot of brown food and we decided to go half and half. My other half had a chicken salad. He commented that the salad at the fish place next to where we lived was much better. I have to say that at that fish restaurant, my fish and chips were pretty smokin’ as well. My dish here are Rockwell’s was half healthy and half not. It may not even have been healthy as the spinach was swimming in olive oil, good flavor but laden with salt.

We met a woman in the elevator of our building that went to Rockwell’s- and loved it, random right. She was advanced in age so probably not giving a rats about calories, etc.

So on a scale from 1-10, it is about a 5.  It is good at what it does but not really a standout.  I guess sometimes you just need a go-to place, a sure thing.

Happy Eating!

Here are pictures of my dish.