Cutlery–oh the famous “pass on to my grand kids gift”

So how many of you have a cutlery set? 8 knives and forks in your drawer from Walmart does not count. At one point it was a must have as a wedding gift or one had to be gifted to you from your great aunt or grandmother, or passed from your mother to you. Well if you were curious here are the pieces that you would get. I bet you did not know that just this one set is ridiculous. Finally-the piece de resistance–how to set a formal table. I bet you just thought, throw a knife and fork rolled in a paper napkin, on the left side of the dishes and you are spot on–yeah, not really, so this is not Friday’s/Applebee’s or a diner where I have to sometimes beg for silverware. (informal) Informal informal table setting Formal Formal Dining

  1. Seafood Fork
  2. Soup Spoon
  3. Fish Course Knife/Fork
  4. Meat Course Knife/Fork
  5. Salad Course Knife/Fork
  6. Dessert/Coffee
  7. Water Glass
  8. Wine Glass
  9. Wine Glass
  10. Plate and/or Napkin
  11. Bread Plate & Butter Knife
  12. Coffee Cup & Saucer

Important Tips

  • Use silverware from the outside in.
  • Never cut more than three bites at one time.
  • When passing main dishes, always pass to the right.
  • To indicate you have finished eating a meal, place silverware together on your plate in a clock position of ten to four, with the handles at four.

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So how many you have seen one of these sets lately? I saw one in someone’s house.  Nice but with kids, etc and no one to polish them, ,,,,,,,,,.  Plus I was not sure that they even threw dinner parties. Any of you have a set?  (It is like the quintessential China set in the glass front cupboard only used on Christmas and Easter.)