Cultural Bites

So in my spare time I do house events–work in someones kitchen helping to set up for dinner and run a dinner service where the food is provided.  I have yet to do the cooking but I am not crying as I get paid either way and I get to eat some of the left overs.

My most recent one was for a quirky lady who was as frazzled as can be, but in a good way.  She was super slender with a head of long straight black hair.  She had an older kitchen with every modern amenities except a great storage system–older cabinets with lost functionality.

So I digressed a little. Back to the story at hand. These were the dishes they had and I will give a little explanation of the taste or the look.

noodle pudding–looked like macaroni and cheese plus maybe honey or something slightly sweet–yummy

—–a little googling and wala: AKA Kugel, Jewish noodle pudding is known in Yiddish as lokshen kugel. Either of those titles works for most of the world. Kugel is a sweet, egg noodle casserole. ( The noodles are boiled and then baked with some sugar, eggs, sour cream and cottage cheese.  (

brisket in tomato sauce-nice smooth tomato sauce–yummy

mashed potatoes-That was funny as she thought it did not have enough milk and salt.  She proceeded to dump some salt and my eyes bulged.  It ended up being okay but the little at a time method was not her method.  I mean I guess at her age she knows.

Motza ball soup-diner food but here it smelled so yummy and there was a large pot of it–like 30 balls

fruit jelly mold–I laughed at this as her daughter tried to make it and apparently took it on a plane.  Needless to say, it barely came out of the mold and then it undid itself.  About 3 people ate it and the rest is not history by for future use.

wine on tap  LOL–well they like their wine.  People were panicking when they could not find more bottles.  I guess we were never a wine family so just seeing people search high and low for bottles of wine was different.

Challa bread-I had this previously but no meal is complete without it apparently.

conversations of  Indian weddings, connections, cleaning the garage, kitchen inefficiencies, dog rescue, commonalities–I was interested, but as hired help, its best to not join in unless they ask you directly and also if you want to maintain your worker bee station in life you cannot let on that you are an MBA, WORLD TRAVELLING, CULTURALLY RICH, PAUPER.

I love these events.  I need to get around though and be in some other spaces.  I enjoy the smells, the conversations, and the interactions.  Until the next adventure!  Get mixing!