Modes of transport on one trip

Bus-ended up right outside of the hood-passed through it in daylight and vowed that we would find a different stop on the way back(when we got to Ikea I told my husband that a certain woman was on the same bus as we were on: case in point, we did not need to go through the hood).

Long distance train-took the more expensive train service so it felt like a plane (the fancy people’s mode of transport-equivalent to the Acela service). Country side is great.

Over ground train-long distance as well but mostly around city suburb ( took this to outer suburbs-in the hills)

Underground train/subway-anywhere in city, quite pleasant, cafes everywhere in station ( tons of stairs-if you are familiar with DC metro you will remember the 8 level escalator :scary)

Car-driving is interesting (speed limit says one thing but around the curb, in the dark, on side of a hill is Nascar like driving)