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Now I am not into RVing, yet but I was bored one night and just wanted to see how much people spend on renting RVs. I mean it is a house on wheels. You cook there to. Well we will address that for another day.
The following is about olives. I had this article in print since 2010. I never really reviewed it, I just collected it and thought that maybe one day I would review it. That day was today Mar 13 2014. I work in a gourmet food store and so I came across most of these. We sell some of the olives and we also sell the olive oils. Today I remember receiving the Picual olive oil.

San Loco-East Village, 124 2nd Ave

One day we just wanted to get some good, easy to recognize, no heart burn, comfort food. We happened upon San Loco. It is a tiny place and not for those who like table cloths and waiters. It is popular though. We cold not even get a table so just opted to go to the bar area.

Comfort food-Mexican

photo 2

The mish mosh bowl was delicious and then the guacamole edible bowl hit the spot. We were lucky that these two things were all we ordered. Together they were quite filling. If ever in that area, take a go at it. We even had the Mexican soda. YUMMY.

I would say on food satisfying on scale of 1-5, 4. It is just what you need sometimes.