Long days of winter

The trip that would not end. Are we there yet? So where the flip do I begin? I guess we start with the trip planning. Well let me preempt you-use major airlines and direct flights. (most of the time)

So here were some considerations.
-to check or not to check the car seat
—-decided to check car seat
-to keep or check stroller till the gate
—decided to keep till gate

Low cost airlines charge for everything and you may even get combined flights from different airlines (if you don’t have direct flights) so you need to buy things (luggage allowance for one) on both. For example I purchased tickets and took the basic weight allotment. Now the basic for Norwegian was 20kg. However when you switch to Ryan air (small inter-European) the weight basic is 15kg.  When booking I somehow did not really notice this.  Fast forward to Ryan Air check in at counter in Oslo, Norway.

Hmm what the f to do? At the moment of check-in (from Oslo to London) the choice was to pay per kilo for being over or check another bag and pay for that. The former is up there but still the least expensive. In all the rush and panic, I did NOT even remember that I had a hand bag (a day bag) stowed away in my carry on. That could have made a second carry-on which was fine since there was three of us.  So guess what we did-we paid for the extra kilos. That was flipping fun. 50 dollars. (Oh after all said and done-our flight was delayed–yes.  Perhaps I might have had a moment to think out a better solution than to pay the money–since we were not boarding.)

Another barrel of laughs was the getting out the airport for our 8 hour layover. (immigration control was a little confusing to start) Well we had to train it to the central city. It was about 21 dollars each way per person. Then in the city we had to look for a place to eat. We thought maybe a local restaurant would do. We checked a few menus and only superficially looked at the prices. So we kept going. We came upon Max Burger, a local burger joint. It was crowded so we thought what the hec, why not. So we got burgers with fun toppings. It was good. Then we sat down and reviewed the costs(convert back to dollars). My eyes almost left my head-40 something dollars $, as if I had bought the whole office pizza or something for lunch.

During the time that we ventured into Oslo we had to store our luggage. Oh that bill came up to 35 dollars. 

So if you are doing the math we added about 200 to our ticket price and we had to gather and recheck our bags.

Also low cost airline do not always fly at the time that works best for you and to the location. Our flights were out of Stansted which is about an hours plus drive straight from southern London. Jesus. That cost us a bunch as well. We paid about 28 pounds  for the bus to the city center and then another 46 Pounds from there to the house by taxi.
200 plus 100 hmm that is 300. There goes the savings.  Oh did I mention that our flight was delayed 2 hours. (yes I did) Oh there nothing like barricading a toddler in for 2 hours.

After a long day we arrived to my uncle’s house and the room we were to stay in was kind of a closet. Stroller and car seat had to remain by the front door  of house and suitcases buy the walls of room. Would the day ever end? It did. It never improved.

Lessons learned
Plan every detail out (at least if you plan to cut corners)
Read every fine print
Don’t cut corners  (lol, can only do that if you are travelling light and bby yourself maybe)
Time is money (sometimes just time)
Airlines are not your friends
Airports are sometimes not your friends (when you have to walk about a mile to the main terminal–toddler, stroller and backpack in hand)
Know the country you will visit in terms of cost of living 

 So I took pictures of my trip but none of the airport–I would rather not have it memorialized in my brain.  OH–OH, no changing rooms for kids or at least facilities.  WTF, they have it in other modern countries, like Portugal, South Korea.  Really, Norway, Really!!!

Okay I am done trip busting.  In my next post I will put some photos of memorable things.