Lido–Harlem NY

So we had our first family get together in a long while and it was actually 2 families.  My parents, my husband and I, my sister and my dad’s cousin and husband. We needed a place that would fit 9 people and we also needed it not to be to ridiculous–expensive.  I could not promise that and I also did not look at the bill in the end.

So I like the interior and the coziness.  I am becoming used to having to reserve every time I need to eat out in Manhattan.  When you only have a few days to book, it is close to impossible.  It is disheartening when you have to find a place and no space is available.

So onto the review.  The host as usual, waits to seat the whole party.  We got a booth and believe me, it fit us to a t.  We had to wait for part of the family to arrive and the restaurant was patient with us though we had a limited time.

It was good for breakfast but just good.  I had pancakes and there was only one kind offered.  I am a cook so I add blueberries to my pancakes as well as some nuts and I bring some funky syrup to the table.  All in all, I am not a fan of paying a ton for food that is really easy to make.  As my cousin said, I can make this at home.  Some times I really feel like inviting everyone over to the house and making them breakfast–breakfast of champions .  Check it-ham frittata, sausage with fennel or something, croissants and wheat toast or fresh banana bread, yogurt with mueslix, and sangria or fresh fruits.  When a restaurant starts doing this spread family style then you can charge me 17+ dollars.  (pancakes 14$, plus order of bacon 6$, $20 total)  Bam, enough said.

Lido gets a 6.  It was decent enough but nothing memorable, at  least concerning the dish I ordered.  Place was nice and homely.

Can I tell you what gives Lido its other reason to be remembered,  it is across the street from Levain Bakery. levain bakery  I love Levain.  Simple menu and well made products.  They are like a factory just pushing out product.  They have it down to a science such that the store is 85 percent production facility and 15 percent sales space.

So I will visit Levain again but will try another place for brunch.

My favorite things!!