Sample Dinner Party Menus (WIP)

food prep picks–fresh ingredients and all homemade dishes

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Possible dinner menus-dinner party and single seating menus (can be edited)
4-12 people

3 x 4
4 pastas, 4 sauces, 4 greens (d/p)
Pasta with mushrooms and spicy pepperoni sauce, tagliatelle or
Pasta with pork meatballs and red sauce or
Pasta with shrimp and peanut sauce, fettuccine or
Pasta (bow-ties) with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts/pecans, corn and garlic butter sauce or
Stuffed Shells with pumpkin/cheddar or pumpkin Parmesan sauce
Sauteed broccoli w/garlic
Sautéed Asparagus with lemon butter sauce
Sautéed string beans with onions
Sweet Peas with red and green peppers

Mexicano (d/p) (choose 5)
Jicama chips
Guacamole with tortillas chips (use flour/corn)
Flour tortilla wraps with spicy beef, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and 4 cheeses
Tostadas Lasagna (Large Corn Chips, layer of beans, layer of corn, layer of ground meat, layer of cour cream, top with salsa, lettuce and cheese) ($3 extra per serving)
Mole chicken
Asiago potatoes or rice
Sweet empanadas-walnut/honey/feta, cheese n cherries, cheese n strawberries
Meat Empanadas
Green Peppers filled with chilly corn bread

Euro/American (S/S)
Spinach n egg cups (mini quiche)
Mushrooms n egg cups (mini quiche)
Bacon n egg cups (mini quiche)
Lamb Stew
Sauteed string beans w/garlic
Pretzel pie with chocolate speckled whipped cream

Tropical Italian
½ Tomatoes filled with spinach, mushrooms and basil
Gnocchi with mushroom sauce
Chicken rolls stuffed with dried cherries, walnuts
Asparagus grilled/sauteed
Grilled mangoes and pineapples –parsley and basil

Soup Dinner Classic (S/S)
Cheeses with pepperoni, prosciutto, wine
Muscat wine or Riesling
Squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, turkey, coriander, nutmeg, cumin, canned corn, elbow mac, dumplings, sweet peas, sweet onions, carrots?
French bread with Gruyere and cheddar cheese—some herbs
Fruit platter with fondue (bananas, apples, pineapple, pound cake)

Endives wrapped in bacon
Portabella mushrooms with cheese n rice (parsley)
Spinach and egg quiche (garlic, onion,)
Couscous w/ garbonzo beans, raisins, hazelnuts (shallots, coriander, mustard seed)
Javanese pickled vegetables
Fig and pears

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All American for buffet style party
bbq chicken
potato wedges
black bean salad
salad with hot pepper
corn bread
fruit salad
2 baked desserts

Sandwich party
Sausage and peppers
Gouda and Eggplant
Chicken and Pear with/with out Gruyere cheese
Topper Italian (Roasted Red Pepper, Basil Leaves, Roasted Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Pesto)

Guidelines for Dinner Parties 4-12 people
-all foods are bought and billed to customer
-customer is also billed on an hourly basis at $25 per hour, plus $25 basic fee for shopping (prorated based on amount of food to purchase, min $25)
-90% of the cooking will be done at the customer’s location OR
-90% of cooking will be done at the cook’s residence and transported for reheating
-sit down meals will be served formally
-meals will be served on your dishware and you provide the beverages/glasses
-you will also provide the pots and pans (unless I need a special pot you do not have)
-the cook will provide all the cooking utensils aside from pots and pans
-customer must have a 4 or 6 burner stove and an oven
-cleaning materials must be in the kitchen or close by for pre and post cleaning
-cook must for the most part must not be interrupted—no kids, no dogs/cats/pets, no wandering people, no meddlers
-kitchen must be well vented and have a clear door to the outside
-cook will clean before and after the event
-cook may bring an assistant if the event calls for more hands (unless previously discussed, this will be at no extra cost to you)
-cook will not have bartender duties
-dinner menus have to be confirmed at least 5 days before the event
-events have to be cancelled at least 3 days in advance
-all payments will be in cash
-all customer information will be confidential unless for reference purposes