Porto and Coimbra Road Trip

hostel with rooftop bar–hostel was not so ik.  We were able to get a room to ourselves.  (Coimbra)

small ass streets-large luxury vehicles not welcomed thought they try

bridge divers-these street actors egg each other on and then after they collect money

churros -plentiful

telefurico=cable cars

over the top desserts-omg, –I got an ice cream cone and my friend and her son split this crazy Oreo etc shake with all the fix-ins, more like a large ice cream sundae (belly ache waiting to happen)

old friends-hanging out with good friend, our kids get together every year or so, lately

views-you can see the houses in the hills and the ones that were not so luck with the passing of time (Porto),  also the views from out Hostel were of the river and the city–expensive views

bridge over river Douro–people walk over this and it always has people, a little dangerous

food halls-for it was not that great as we just like what we like and there just happened to be not much we liked

expensive upgrades–heating up my pastry is same or more than cost of pastry (Coimbra)

parking overnight–bank breaker

Follow us on our journey through Portugal on instagram #thelivingabroadguide.pt.  You can also link to our website and view our network of local vendors.  They have English speakers in house , so if you move to or travel to Portugal and can use their services, do it!! (no pressure)





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