Travel Stories-around Portugal

notes/short ramblings

We visited a beach with dunes in Sesimbra–about 50 minutes out of Lisbon.

It was nice beach-great sand,  some dunes, to run up and then one massive sand dune.  The kid ran up that things and the cautionary mom could only see them tumbling back down.  Then there was a large dune without greenery–can we say sand blast.  If you sit in the way and the wind blows your eyes will die (my friends kid–first hand experience).

We ate at one of the restaurants-shrimp salad and fries,  steak and eggs, sangria-pretty sweet (needed to be cold), fresh cheese and bread.-I keep getting suckered, bread fills you up fast and you pay extra, yikes.

-crazy day as the surf was breaking way down from the beach

play time

What to do with the kids–we hit a place called Hubi Park–indoor activity park–small.  It had slides, balls and a few other things.

What did we see there–Portuguese parents being parents, men in their smart pencil shorts and women dressed in their casual chic wear. Oh–one woman in particular caught our eye in her getup:  yellow brownish long Culotte emphasized high wasted pants, classic white t-shirt with the words “Study all day”, some white Adidas, and a towering ruffled white and brown small purse.

We decided to eat at McDonald’s,  yay, lets not eat real food.  No judgement, if it tasted horrible no one would eat it.  Things to note-the trash receptacles were automatic so made for me as I am a germ-a-phobe.  Finally the world gets me.  Also why can’t we have this in our McDonald’s.  Maybe we do, LOL,  I have not be in a McDs for a while and then its in non fancy neighborhoods.  Maybe people will just wreck it here–no class, no manners, no feeling of sharing the thing. (just my thought)

Okay, another few stories down.  A lifetime more to go!!


Hoping to post again soon.  I work on another project for people wanting to move to Portugal,  we offer a view of local businesses, daily life, some points of interest and also things to do, so check us out.





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