Road trip PA

Road tripping through Pennsylvania. It’s so funny because we told a bunch of different people prior and most were puzzled why we would go to PA. They asked-“what are you guys going to see, who are you visiting, what’s going on in pa.” Answer to these questions-some PA stuff, no one and not much. We wanted to see the other aide of PA outside of the Amish country, the poconos and the amusement parks. We visited the old Bethlehem steel stacks, the da Vinci Science Center, the Crayola experience, a working farm that sold ice cream, ate at a few choice and not so choice restaurants, visited about 3 museums, rested in a church basement, hit up a farmers market in the city ,visited a dollar store, and swam in the pool at our hotel. I also snatched a few wanted adds for jobspotter. The weather was nice and it maybe only rained once. We also went to an older Market which had all kinds of stuff.

So as we drove through the various towns we could see the gentrification, other side of the tracks, the haves and have nots, the reuse of past places, the welcoming of new things that may not be that great, slim to no people around on the streets and lots empty store fronts. We even saw a large park that had beautiful trees and great lawns. It also bordered several areas which were like night and day in terms of appearance, feel and actual people in the area. We went from crowded narrow streets to wide streets with little cars and houses very far back from the curb. We saw kids walking from the “good ” school back to their neighborhoods. We saw all the dynamic things one can see when you are free to be. We followed GPS most of the times and curiously admired as we drove. We saw farms being eaten up by developments and developments to come. I made the comment that if you want to keep an idyllic setting, you have to buy up at least 100-200 acres or you will have McMansions in your backyard-no joke. Saddest was walking downtown-I was like, where are all the people. Where are the workers, where are the city folks. Even seeing shady people bothered me- why you say? They just do and being unfamiliar with the area, everyone is potential crazy until they speak or do something normal.

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