Travel Stories -Porto, Portugal

comment on Porto

Smallest streets I have ever seen, you can barely get out of the car, high ass curbs–destroy your car door. daredevil driving–man I would need a different road test to drive there. parking on the edge of cliffs–wtf.  manual driving nightmares come to fruition

guys diving off of the bridge for sport, fans, fame and money–we are back in the middle ages, oh wait, no we are in the right time–opportunity.  it shows that you cannot manufacture crazy, its all around you.

What to eat–fries are dead to me but they show up all the time in Portugal and with chicken-I would like to research the most common illnesses in Portugal.  Maybe I want to trade up.  All that bread cannot be that good-and I love all types of bread and pastries (as long as they have what I want or do not want on the inside)   At home we are all like, oh my carbs count, my this my that.  I see bread all the time there.  I can’t deal.  Its like its following me and laughing.


I also learned about cars and here are two I saw often enough ad because they were visually unfamiliar to me, I was scoping them out- T-ROC WV, and the Tiguan VW. They are big and ooze some luxury.  Yeah, to pricey for me.


Hope you enjoyed my adventures.

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