ChaiMaMa’s Noodles House, Queens NY

I liked the place  immediately because of the wooden furniture and walls (bright colored wood).  I am not about wood cabins but just this nice clean soft and bright wood.  There was a lot of sun beaming into the restaurant that day but it was shaded.  The restaurant was simple but clean.  I would say it could hold about 12-16 people.  They used real utensils–metal chopsticks.  At the end you were to clean up after yourself as they have a station, which they point out, for storing the dishes.

I had soup with noodles and then on the side, fried pork chops.  Yum but the chops were rather salty.  I was drinking up the soup to neutralize the salt.  I mentioned to the owner and he said that it was meant to be like that.   I mean the soup was rather bland.  He was nice about it and did not try to stop me from commenting as he asked several times how I thought the meal was.

Would I go back probably–I might choose a different dish but if I am in the mood for salty I could get the dish again.  It was not so bad just a little too salty.


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