Comments on VIP Club New Rochelle NY

In the summer we attended a wedding at the VIP Club in New Rochelle.  It is a club with varied spaces, sun deck, downstairs outdoor area close to a fountain and large ballroom as well as parlor in the downstairs which has a high rollers club-ish feel.

The club is not super refined on the outside but in terms of the space for events it is nice.

The bathrooms can use an upgrade since the doors are like walking into an elementary school bathroom and small stalls

For some reason the valet did not offer to park out car–weird but okay

There was a hallway used as a cocktail area where everyone is herded together–a little intimidating if you do not know anyone  (don’t pass gas–yeah that would be hilarious).

Also here is a thought–shake things up  little. What about if they just make the cocktail hour food–the main food. I was totally full and would have rather then split it up into two sets.

Of course this was in no way reflective of the bride and groom.  It is totally a function of the facility an we have to pay for what we can afford and look at the overall feeling.


Me there–probably not but there are many options, just book early.


Until next time, party on!




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