Road Triping

So we took a road trip to South Carolina.  That was exciting–long stretches of tall trees and at times we would pass through a billboard city and at other times, old industrial areas and the things you see in movies that signify ‘not’ a metropolitan city.  This was represented by tall grass, some abandoned buildings, no people walking around and just openness.

Hmm, family and a wedding, great excuses to get together.  It was November (2017)and for being so south, it was still cold.  What is this?  I would rather fly the 11 hours or less and be in a truly warm place.

What did I see while driving into the towns?  Defined areas, suburbs, some run down areas, some partly abandoned industrial areas.  I tried to get a read for the people and there were decent.  I guess in my mind I was waiting for someone to step out of line.  We had no such occasion.

There were definitely some trendy places and they had many of what we had in the Northeast.  It was comforting.

Family was fun.  We rented a 4 bedroom house on a quiet street, close to a golf course and a large park with fun apparatus.  I even got lost. I was like the anti-gps.  My phone was dying and I all the places looked the same.  It was a little scary.  I was by myself and I do have feelings about the south.

The downtown was kind of nice-small and quaint.  We ate at home except for the wedding so I cannot really say I had some Southern cuisine.  We also only really went out in the evening so no time to wander though the area and find stuff.  Oh we had ice cream. That is always a treat.



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