Queens on my mind (I)

Back in January our mommy and daddy group (3 sets of us with kids same age-ish) decided to have lunch in Flushing NY. That was some craziness. Of course Saturday mornings are like ‘National Day Holiday’ in China but in Queens. (Google National Day Holiday China) You have to have a plan and get there early. We entered the the New World Mall NEW WORLD MALL FLUSHING NY that had a vast underground food court. We were early so though it was half full it was good enough for us. By the time we were leaving, there were hoards of people coming in. When we tried to leave the parking lot, we took about 20 minutes and with some NY city driving we bolted at first opportunity. Our friends from upper NY got stuck for an hour. Yes you heard it right.

At the food court we had dumplings, spicy eggplant and a pork sandwich. The dumplings were great–you can never go wrong.  The spicy eggplant was awesome, and reminded me of my China days and also some eggplant I had while in the Philippines. That was topped off with some bubble tea, as well as regular tea and pastries. It was like we were some 1 percent (er) (s) just doing what we do and buying whatever we wanted for the kids or rather what they wanted.

Then we decided to mill around the mall for a little bit. Our group was made up of one Filipino couple, a mixed couple (Filipino and Trinidadian) and a Caucasian couple, each with their spawn. So the most interesting thing was the older Asian women stopping to stare at the Caucasian girl. I guess they do not get too many kids looking like her. I felt like the little girl was a celebrity.

We vowed to do flushing again.



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