Cooking challenges at Internship!

You know when you watch a game show, like survivor, amazing race or a super hero show, and there is an advantage, well this is the opposite, all the disadvantages on a silver tray.

Here is how things stacked up on this particular day

small kitchen/store, my usual but today there was stuff everywhere

not enough ingredients so had to make a supermarket run-revisit the heat outside

hot like fire inside :

1-it was 85/90 degrees outside and I forgot how to put on the AC inside-cant keep door open because there is live food everywhere – chocolate, things to decorate

2) baking bread pudding and cookies, and making sandwiches (electric pressure cooker for meat), shredding chicken for chicken salad, then chopping of ingredients and finally mixing

3) wearing a t-shirt and long pants–needed to be wearing a bathing suit and a body band to catch the beads of sweat


How did I find relief:  sat in front of the cold food display fridge, catching some cold, drinking iced water

I got all my tasks done.  It felt so good to overcome this little challenges!

All for the sake of food.






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