Portuguese eating, for the unseasoned

On my last journey to Portugal I took a minute to reflect on the food choices at hand.  Of course you can choose a host of other things but there were certain things available to me and that I could afford.  I also tried a new dish and well, I formed an opinion.

Acorda – wet bread with garlic, for me it is an acquired taste, tried it

Chicken and potatoes (I can only have it so many times without variation.)

Codfish potato and eggs – staple, and same as chicken and potatoes

Brunch -popular spots going the way of brunch in the US (yes it was wild to see these places, needing a reservation and lines out the door)

Bread central- during the day one of the snacks is a tosta mista – can be toasted bread with butter or ham or cheese or any combination.  This I knew already but on this trip is was daily as we day tripped around.

Lanche -mid evening snack prior to dinner. I must say that this time I just was not into it. I fantasized about being close to the water, maybe on a large wood balcony, in wooden Adirondack chairs, wearing flip flops-pastry samples and good coffee in hand. I had a toddler with me and well we know how that goes, also I had 4 other kids with us and they continually amped up my kid and had their little hands, 8 to be exact all over the toddler of a germ-a-phobe. Yeah, how can one enjoy my lanche?

On my next trip I have to branch out a little.




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