Time gets away!!

So much time. We left the house at 430pm, reached airport at 515.  We checked in then waited to waste some time till 830.  Lol and that we did: non fast food, bathroom  break, stroll, Halo Halo.  We are outside of check area. Hey its 745 as we wait for customs.  Oh yeah,  our flight is 820.   8pm we clear.  Oh we have to rush.  20 min to take off.  Too many people on fast walkway, we sidestep that,  too many things,  can’t run.   We near the gate and WTF gate change.  We take another fast walkway.  Oh its at least 820 by now.  We are nearing gate and a list of names is read and that sounded like ours.  Oh snackers,  are we the last to board. When is the plane supposed to leave.  We feel less like idiots when they continue to announce names.   We get on plane and all the eyes are on us.  Infamous almost.  Hmmm.   Sunday strollers!


My favorite time is eating time!!


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