Oh Chocolate Bread-How I love thee!!

Before Baking
After Baking

So you may be wondering why is chocolate bread getting serious TLC right now.

So my love of chocolate bread really grew when I worked for a high end food retailer and wholesaler.  Part of the business was a commissary that made various breads, those were sold to the company’s other businesses and also to local country clubs and restaurants, as well as through the retail store.  Being the keeper of the inventory and also the logistics and billing person early on, I was involved in the bread process.  At the end of its life, I was privy to supplying myself with some and I liked that perk.  Chocolate bread, also with a few others were best sellers and I always remained fond of that and I never see it anywhere, so either it is expensive, time intensive, only popular with certain lots or just mistaken for chocolate cake.  Seriously, some people who I know call anything that is a bread other than white bread or whole wheat that happens to have sugar–a cake.  So it just takes a little education but that is not my thing today.

So I comment on the chocolate bread because I really thought that one day I might make bread for a living or at least as part of a larger food oriented venture.  Why do I say this?  Well for one, I make more regular bread than my mom ever did.  She makes something called Bake which is a flat bread, somewhat dense and can be flaky if ghee or Cookeen shortening is used.  I do not make bake often and can count the amount of times I have made it. I chose to make things I was exposed to outside of my normal life.  So in addition to other breads, I wanted chocolate bread and I found a recipe.  I saw a few and I felt that 2 cups of sugar was a bit much so I opted for the recipe with half that.  I made the bread and it was great. I added chocolate chips to the top and well lets just say that when toasted it is amazing.

The point of this whole matter is that bread is good, especially when you pair it with something cool, then its status is elevated.

Stay tuned as I dive into bread in another way.

What is that wonderful smell coming from the kitchen on Saturday morning?–Oh yes, a loaf of Chocolate bread!!  Enough said!

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