Millennial Pink

I seemed to have missed this train.  I was reading New York magazine recently and I came across this article about Millennial Pink.  It was actually about its refusal to go away, so to speak.  I did not even know it was a thing officially.  Millennial Pink Article

I read through the article and it clicked, and then I was like, yeah I saw some of these things in passing. I love one of the names–Scandi Pink.

I also liked the reconfigurable sofa by Lim + Lu.  It does look fun in pink, they are correct.

Lastly,   the movie that had pink was THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.  The pictures in the article show the fictitious (to some extent) place.  I did some research (followed a link) and here is something interesting. grand Budapest like hotel

This millennial pink is nice and can make a nice touch to a room–I was thinking against a gray.  I guess that can go for clothes as well.  I have orange against grey walls currently, but pink would be cool.  In the long term, who knows.


I hope you found something in the article that you could relate to. I looked for some more articles on AOL, EliteDaily, Vogue, QZ, etc but most rehashed and added commentary which is cool but the article I mentioned actually does it by year and provides many pictures.  It goes in for pages.

Pink will live on.


Pink food–hmmm, jury is still out.

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