This is purely a commentary  on space–the kind you need for all your stuff.



Use all available space  (when every nook and cranny in your home is filled to the max and you have spilled over into the hallway and onto the floor)

Minimize items in a space (less is more, like a museum)

More than enough space (just right and it feels comfortable)

Unnecessary space (so you are a family of 3 but you have 8 bedrooms and well you just buy things to fill the space)

Cheat to get space  (this is what inspired me to post about space)

-In NY as in other cities with older buildings, you will notice some of the living room or the front facing siting rooms in the brownstones are sometimes bumped out.  And, they are bumped out in sometimes grand fashion.  When you stand close to it and examine the build, you notice that it is another 2 feet out and the length of the window could be about 5-8 feet.  Square footage increase by 10-16. You can have a narrow functioning table or a small desk or a slim couch in that space. WTF.  That is what I call cheating and stealing space.   I saw this often while in the old areas of the city-Cadiz/Jerez and Seville.  Lest not forget to mention the proximity to the building across the street.  At one point I walked down an alley of houses (town houses) and 8 -10 feet separated the walls.  So if you take away 4 feet total , giving each neighbor a 2 foot bump out then you have 4 feet separation.  How about you reach out and touch your neighbors window.

The second commentary on space is using the roof.  Spain does a good job of this.  There are hardly any green spaces in the city and there is no place to linger outside of the apartments just back onto/encircle a courtyard that is shared.(not counting a tapas bar)  I saw nicely done top floors that had decorated balconies, awnings, laundry lines, tables and umbrellas set up, and grills.  It was literally the backyard.

So where do you fit in the space continuum?  Is your home office in a walk in closet, are you using your garage as an extra room, is your basement expressly used for storage or lastly do you live by yourself but have a 4 bedroom house? Or are you living in a studio apartment with all fold away furniture/appliances/amenities?

Let there be space!




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