Instapot, some thoughts

boy was i excited to get it

we  (husband and I) got it for our christmas gift

it arrived while we were away and we daydreamed of it while driving down the highway in Europe (of all things)

we got home and it sat in the box for about 4-5 days

it sat outside of the box for a few more days

now i am hesitating to use it

hmmm, i watched a few dozen videos about making spaghetti and meat sauce, and… i will still make my spaghetti and meat sauce stove top (the sight of spaghetti floating in sauce just was not a turn on)

i am however going to make spaghetti and meat sauce once just to say i did it

the only things i want to use it for are pulled pork, beef stew, duck and any kind of whole chicken roast–

as a trained cook/chef, it might take all the fun out of cooking–fast is not always satisfying

so, i leave you, in a half and half feeling –happy but not happy about my instapot

bye for now, no pressure


p…ss…  i will keep you posted on my trials..


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