Dumpling Crawl

So who does not like dumplings.  I am waiting till I can go for dim sum again.  The last time I went, I had someone to translate.  Well to my excitement New York magazine did a few pages on the 50 best dumplings in its December 12-25th 2016 issue.  I am excited to try  a variety.  It would be like a pub/bar crawl but only dumplings.  We would visit 4-5 places and just stay long enough to have one set of dumplings.  It could be fun.  Then you also have the soup dumplings which are an “customer hazard”.  If unfamiliar with soup dumplings, they are dumplings with a sack malleable but strong enough to hold hot soup.  Yes, so if you attack it in the wrong way you will most likely spill it all over your plate, clothes and mouth/chin.

So they had German, Italian, various Asian ones, and just a plethora of other ones.  See the colorful article.

Dumplings in NYC Dec 2016

Doesn’t food make you just jump for joy!  It is like a ballet dance it your mouth.

Till next time!!


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