Flamenco and Fado

Fado Origins

listen to Fado


small history of Flamenco

Flamenco Singing

Flamenco beat machine

Flamenco beat machine live

another one

So why do I bring together these two forms of singing, well  I have seen both and and the singing is similar.  It it like solemn complaining to the audience.

Here is research I found on similarities.  There apparently is little as they both arrived to the areas from different sources.  In terms of being popular away from the high society-there they are the same.

similarities of fado and flamenco

I like to listen to stories and if you ever wanted something to enjoy as a past time, then both Fado and Flamenco are available.  For me Flamenco is my favorite but I could learn to really appreciate Fado.  I have only seen it once live but I think it is time to revisit that experience.


Guitar on!!


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