Sleep-the struggle is real!

Good sleep

-own bed

-pillows that surround/engulf/comfort

-dark room

-toddlers in their own beds

-sleep past 8am, straight

-no chores to worry about, no rush to get up

-no kids activities to get up for like swimming at 9am in a cold pool

Bad Sleep

-when the sun hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s not amore

-toddler wakes before you and says peek a boo I see you

-neighbors awake by 7am with kids in tow

-lawn cutting crew outside your window for 2 hours

-alarm accidentally goes off because you set it, habit
Sleep-the struggle is real.  I won’t even start on trying to sleep on a plane with the lights on.

Here is something to think about -I look forward to travelling (not same as a vacation because you can have a staycation-when you are home you can and will still do chores).  While travelling, if you stay in a good hotel-you can spread out across a king size bead, with a million pillows and down comforters.  The bathroom gets cleaned for you, the bed gets made and if you are lucky they refill the snacks in the fridge and leave chocolates for you.  

Okay.  Enough said!! Time to sleep.


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