Enthaice Thai Kitchen-The Review

Part two of Enthaice!

The Restaurant Review
-restaurant had large garage doors of glass but still managed to be fairly warm inside

-smallish place so small isles and tables somewhat close together

-the place reminded me of a factory–lots of iron work, with tea cups and the like hanging from the light fixtures

-very dim lighting

-can see right inside from outside

-some chairs for waiting outside

-noodles  with beef were the bomb, yo I said it (Pad Woosen)

-bbq chicken was average

-pineapple fried rice was pretty delicious, a little greasy but hey, if that was the price I had to pay for some decent tasting food,–add a little grease to my life.

I would give it a 6.5 for food.

Decor received a  6.5.  Dim is great but actually directed lighting on the table might have been cool. (Flexible hanging lights)

Service gets a 7.5.  It was fast and they came back when thy said they would.
I would like to revisit.

Okay so a word of advice, go during the day if you can, take the train and bring an appetite, there are lots of fun things on the menu.



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