Yum and more yum!  Yummy  goodness!

If I knew it was this easy, I would have done it ages ago.


So what did I think on the recipe/process,  it was close to what I tasted before but I need to try another recipe and see the taste.  It is really as sweet as you make it. The syrup that is added to the top is the sweetness.  Could this be a fast dessert- well if you are making a whole 9×13 tray or two then I would say yes.  You would just need to buy two packs of dough, double the syrup and chop up more nuts which is easy with a blender or food processor (hec you can use your magic bullet).  Then it is the waiting-4 hours while it does its thing and the syrup becomes a sticky mess.  So it is a good make ahead party or giveaway dessert.



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