Frozen part 2

So can one survive on frozen meals and get all that he needs and wants?

Who has the best frozen prepared meals?
We can look at price, ingredients, type:organic, vegetarian, and lastly the amount of ingredients.  Simple is sometimes great

Next is who sells what?

High end meals from the likes of Whole Foods, Agatha  & Valentina,  Food Emporium, Gristedes, Balduccis, D’Agostinos, etc–if then even have frozen meals. I have not checked. (To do list)We know that they have prepared meals made onsite.

Regular supermarkets like Giant, Stop & Shop, Shop Rite, etc.

Quasi supermarkets like Target and Walmart.
It would be interesting to do a week long taste test and see how times have or have not changed.

So if you have something to offer about frozen meals, chime in. According to Wikipedia here is a list of the major brands.

Frozen Brands

Also here is a list of the so called “healthy few.”

Healthy Meals

Until then, give your microwave a high five for all the work it is not doing.


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