Main Street Sweets-Tarrytown

What do my husband, daughter and I all like –Ice cream.  We like regular ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato. So when we discovered a small, mom and pop looking ice cream parlor in Tarrytown, NY we became fast friends.  So to date, we have been there two times in the last month.   We shared it to a bunch of people as well. We tried to take my mom’s family there but they were too full from dinner.  We decided not to as well.  If we hadn’t it would have been number three for us.

So why do we like this place:

small mom and pop feel

on a historic street with some restaurants

there was always a line

all of the ice cream is made in house

cash business–will mitigate our visits


cozy parlor shop

all the shame dim lights, the white lights are in the ice cream case

some fun stuff like apple cider donuts, and apple dumplings (great for the fall season)

you can walk down to the water front and observe the luxurious residences

also close to the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, so you can walk off your sugar

Will we make it three?  Winter will be here soon or rather the cooler days. Have no fear though, we can eat the  ice cream inside our car or in the ice cream parlor.

Main Street Sweets -Tarrytown NY

Three cheers for cream!!!



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